Women in Physics Day 2017


2017 Australian Institute of Physics “Women in Physics” Event

19 July 2017 Murdoch University

Come celebrate the fantastic contributions that female physicists and scientists are making to our world, and the universe! Join us for a day of physics fun and inspiration with the Australian Institute of Physics Award winning lecturer, visiting WA for one day only,

Dr Katie “Astrokatie” Mack

Everything you wanted to know about Dark Matter but were afraid to ask

Dark matter surrounds us and binds the galaxy together. But what is it really? Are we sure it exists at all? Can it really be explained by tiny invisible particles? Find out what we know, how we’re searching for it, and how it differs from the other big cosmic mystery, dark energy. Read more

Interface Focus Volume “Animal, Vegetal, Mineral”

The Interface Focus themed issue ‘Growth and function of complex form in biological tissue and synthetic self-assembly‘ was published today by the Royal Society, as volume 7, issue 4 of that journal. Thanks to all contributors, and to Publishing Editor Tim Holt for a great job. The issue is dedicated to the themes of the 2016 Boden Research Conference “Animal, Vegetal, Mineral” that was held in Yallingup/WA in 2016. Check  below or online for the 20 articles that are part of this issue.
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