Time-frozen snapshot of butterfly nanostructure development


Our report of the fortuitous finding of a very special Gyroid-like nanostructure in butterflies is out now: “Butterfly gyroid nanostructures as a time-frozen glimpse of intracellular membrane development” (Science Advances, 2017). While being a solid static nanostructure, it looks as if it was a solidified 3D snapshot of the nanostructure, during the growth process. Checkout what some of the news outlets had to say about it:

The Digital Journal: Nanoscience of the invisible butterfly revealed

Controlled Environments Mag: Butterfly Wings Decode Crystal Growth

Australian Popular Science: Scientists are puzzling out how butterflies assemble their brightly colored scales

Murdoch Media: Butterfly wings under a microscope

Phys.org: Ultra-high resolution images of butterfly wing crystals offer clues to how nano-scale structures form

nanowerk.com: Understanding crystal growth in butterfly wings

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