Available Projects

I always welcome applications and requests for information from enthusiastic prospective postgraduate and honours students, as well as for shorter project work or internships.

This page lists some information about possible projects. Alternatively, use the tags ‘PhD’ and ‘Honours’ to filter relevant projects.

Opportunities for scholarships and funding are listed here. I look forward to hearing from you!

PhD project Molecular simulations and field theory with Niels Bohr Institute Copenhagen

A hybrid particle and field-based soft matter simulation setup

We are looking for a dedicated Phd-student for a joint project between Murdoch 2017_01_PhD_Advert_Copolymers_SCFT_smallUniversity in Perth, Australia, and the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The aim of the project is to develop a hybrid particle and field-based soft matter simulation setup to study self-assembly of complex block copolymer systems. We want to combine the flexibility and dynamics of direct particle based simulation methods with the parameter optimization capabilities of self-consistent field theory. The candidate must possess strong coding skills and a background in physics or nanoscience, and a strong interest in molecular simulation or field theoretic methods. Click here for more information.

PhD project granular simulations with CSIRO Data61 Melbourne

From landslides to granular hoppers: can local structure metrics predict flow properties of granular materials?

Anim2010_SpheresFalling_titelimageThe flow of granular materials are relevant to any industrial transport process of particulate matter – from minerals and sand to powders and pharmaceutical pills. Flow phenomena of loose or compacted granular materials are also important on the geophysical scale, in landslides, dunes or erosion processes. This proposed PhD thesis project uses state-of-the-art simulation methods for simulating granular flows to address some fundamental questions relating particle shape to flow properties. Click here for more details.