Flight through Schoen’s Gyroid Minimal Surface

The cubic Gyroid surface is a “bicontinuous” minimal surface that divides space into two intertwined network- or labyrinth-like subdomains. The two subdomains are enantiomorphic, that is identical apart from different handedness. This animation shows a rotation of a fairly large subsection of this periodic surface, and a flight through one of the two domains. The flight path first follows a three-fold screw axis, and then turns into a four-fold screw axis. In a second run of the same animation, the same surface is shown together with the skeletal graphs that are often used to represent the Gyroid.

A higher resolution file of this animation can be found here (15MB).  An even higher resolution version (90MB) is available here.

If you are using this animation, please reference the publication that describes it: Hyde & Schröder-Turk, Geometry of interfaces: topological complexity in biology and materials, Interface Focus 2(5), 529-538 (2012)

This animation was produced at the ANU during my PhD. Special thanks to Stuart Ramsden for a lot of help!