APS Focus Session “New Mesophase Symmetries and Topologies in Self-Assembled Soft Matter”

March 13, 2017 – March 17, 2017 all-day
New Orleans

Focus session at APS March Meeting in New Orleans, Lousiana

1.1.24: New Mesophase Symmetries and Topologies in Self-Assembled Soft Matter (GSOFT/DBIO/DPOLY) [same as 2.1.18, 4.1.25]

The ever-growing variety of ordered morphologies accessible from spontaneous self-assembly remains a fascinating area of soft materials research, relevant to block polymers, binary and ternary lipid systems, thermotropic liquid crystals, colloids and many more. Many new topologies and symmetries in soft matter have been recently reported, including tetrahedrally closest-packed and low symmetry Frank-Kasper phases, soft quasicrystals, a variety of low symmetry bicontinuous and polycontinuous network phase structures, and disordered variants such as the sponge phases. This focus session addresses the formation of new mesophase structures, their functional properties and their relevance for biotechnological applications and their role in biological membrane and nanostructure systems.

Organizers: Gerd Schröder-Turk (Murdoch University), Annela Seddon (Bristol), Mahesh K. Mahanthapa (University of Minnesota), Cecilia Leal (University of Illinois)

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