Scholarships for Undergraduate, Honours and PhD


Interested in undergraduate, honours or postgraduate studies in Maths or Physics (or other disciplines)?  My home institution, the School of Engineering and Information Technology at Murdoch University, has current open rounds for undergraduate scholarships, honours scholarships and PhD scholarships, open to both Australian and international applicants. This includes scholarships for mid-year intake! If you’re interested, drop me an email (see here for contact details). Also check out our brand-new research brochure about what’s happening research-wise in the maths department at Murdoch, or the research brochure for the whole school.

Australian Institute of Physics ‘Women in Physics’ lecture


“Women in Physics Day 2016” – a lecture by Italian-Romanian physicists Dr Catalina Curceanu, a panel discussion featuring some of Perth’s finest physicists and about 20 experiments on Bush Court including the ‘Walk on Water’ Non-Newtonian starch bath. Attendance with almost 600 high school kids well surpassed our wildest expectations. Need to do it again next year!

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Joint PhD project available with CSIRO Data61 Melbourne


From landslides to granular hoppers: can local structure metrics predict flow properties of granular materials?

The flow of granular materials are relevant to any industrial transport process of particulate matter – from minerals and sand to powders and pharmaceutical pills. Flow phenomena of loose or compacted granular materials are also important on the geophysical scale, in landslides, dunes or erosion processes. This proposed PhD thesis project uses state-of-the-art simulation methods for simulating granular flows Read more

“More is different”: Nanofabricated chiro-optical material based on 8-fold intergrowth of gyroid


In a totally different context to the original quote and article, Phil Anderson’s quote “More is different” holds also for the chiro-optical response of gyroid-based photonic materials. Eight intergrown Gyroids give a substantially different chiro-optical response than the single gyroid. The group theoretic prediction from Matthias Saba’s PhD work (Saba et al, PRB 2013) has now been experimentally validated by Nanofabrication experiments in the Center for Microphotonics at Swinburne University (Turella et al, Optics Letters, 2015). Read more

In a Material World


“In a Material World: Hyperbolic Geometry in Biological Materials”, by Myf Evans and myself, is a popular-science type essay on the sort of geometric questions that we see of relevance for soft matter physics, materials science, biology, etc. In particular, what’s the role of hyperbolic geometry and triply-periodic minimal surfaces, and what’s the geometric rationale why they form in soft matter self-assembly. Hopefully an entertaining read, with no claim to be comprehensive, and certainly not original research. Read more

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